Leaking Pool Filter Valve

Why Is My Multiport Valve Leaking?

Multiport valves are the main water route interchange for your pool water. If the water needs to be forwarded, reversed or drained out, it will need to be done through this valve. The routing system inside a multiport valve is essentially water’s equivalent to chutes and ladders.

These valves have as many as seven “positions” but for the most part the average pool owner will only use a handful of these.  Here is a list and explanation of the most often used positions so we have a solid footing moving forward:  (more…)

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How long should I run my pool pump?

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump?

The above question is posed to the likes of me (pool industry folk) on a regular basis. Actually strike that – I impose the answer to that question on homeowners every day because I am tired of seeing them throw away good money.  A pump does not need to run 24/7 to keep your pool water pristine. If properly sized, a pump should spin through your water in a fraction of the time, allowing it to be dormant for the rest of the day. Thereby, relieving your wallet of the heavy burden of high electric bills. (more…)

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Fix your Pool Leak

Will Marlig Fix-a-Leak Work for Me?

Panic! at the Pool

Your pool is leaking more water than a screen door on a submarine but you have not the foggiest idea where it is going. Your first suspect evaporation rate, the next idea is a leaky pump and the third is a cracked pipe.  No matter the cause, the thing front of mind is how light will this make your wallet. If you own a pool long enough, this situation will likely pop up.  And as worrisome as a few hundred gallons of wandering water may be, there are simpler solutions than a costly plumber visit.  This is why we bring to you Marlig’s Fix-A-Leak, a one stop shop of pipe plugging power.  This blended concentrate of crack sealant, seeks out the faults in your system and stops them cold in their tracks. (more…)

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