5 Biggest Problems with Pool Filters

For a piece of equipment that is not electrical, digital, or highly complex, a pool filter can still cause a great deal of pool owner stress.  You might be surprised how many questions we field regarding what is essentially a big tank that water passes through.  But since that tank is so vital to the operation and safety of your pool, I wanted to share the some of the most common issues our techs encounter and how you might troubleshoot some basic problems. (more…)

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Can I go with a larger HP pool pump?

Can I Go With A Higher Horsepower Pump?

The proper horsepower for your pool pump depends on a number of factors.  So before you jump on the bigger-is-better bandwagon, take a moment to get the facts.  Let’s start with an unpopular and incredible statement:  A typical size residential pool can be circulated effectively with a 1 HP pump.  What?!  Only 1 HP?  Please accept my apology for the rude awakening that many pool builders and installers push unnecessarily over-sized pumps that are more expensive to buy as well as operate. (more…)

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