Suction or Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Suction or Pressure Side Pool Cleaner?

To answer that question it would be best to give a brief explanation of the difference between a pressure side pool cleaner and a suction side cleaner. A pressure cleaner uses the return water from a separate dedicated booster pump to propel the cleaner around the pool. A pressure cleaner has a bag on top of the cleaner and the pool’s debris is collected in the bag. A suction cleaner uses your main filtration pump to suck up debris which is then returned to your pump basket. To determine which cleaner is best for your pool let’s dig a little deeper. (more…)

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Pool Pump or Pool Motor?

Pool Parts 101: The Difference between a Pump and a Motor

Here’s the difference between a pool pump and motor

Ok, hear me out. This topic may be on the little shallow end in terms of depth of discussion but for new pool owners, this subject can be confusing. I have worked at Inyo for years and if I had a nickel for every time a caller described a motor as a pump or a pump as a motor I would have $20,483.15 (probably not an accurate count.) But you get my meaning. It happens a great deal and the miscommunication can cause frustration for both the customer and the technician, so I am here to clear it up. (more…)

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Variable Speed Pool Pump or Dual Speed

Variable Speed Pool Pump or Dual Speed… Which is Best for Me?

Did you know that a swimming pool pump…

  • Accounts for 25% of your household’s energy bill
  • Is the largest electricity consumer in your home
  • Uses three times the energy of a refrigerator
  • On average costs $427 per year to operate

Recently my wife and I built a swimming pool in our backyard and from a professional standpoint this was such a great learning experience. Building our pool allowed me to test out many of the pool products that I have recommended over the years. During this process I found there were products that I absolutely loved, but at the same time there were a few products that I have recommended on a daily basis that I would not recommend in the future again.


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