Nut Grass Pool Liner

Help There is Grass Growing in My Pool!

This isn’t a fun pool moment. Picture the scene. You’re happily cleaning your fairly new above ground swimming pool getting it ready for the weekend. As you run the vacuum across the pool, you notice something sticking to the bottom. You try to suck it up, but it is stuck. Then you look closer. “What is that? That looks like a blade of grass. Is that growing through the liner?” You let the water settle to get an even better look. “That IS a blade of grass growing through my pool liner!” Your happiness is replaced with a sinking stomach and your mind explores the worst possible scenario with questions like, “How did this happen? Is grass going to grow everywhere in my pool? Can this be fixed? Am I going to need a new liner? Will I have to drain the pool?” With the adrenaline pumping slightly, you stop cleaning the pool and quickly go on the Internet. Through searching the web you eventually find this blog and when you read the next heading, you breathe your first sigh of relief.


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Replacing Pool Pump Parts Without a Model Number

Replacing Parts For A Pump You Don’t Have A Model Number For

Whenever customers are looking to replace parts for their pump, I always compare pumps to cars. Let’s say you need to replace the tires on your car. In order to get the correct tires, your mechanic needs to know the correct make, model, and the year the car was made. This information helps the mechanic identify the correct parts for your car. If you are like me and have provided wrong car information before, you know that one year can make a big difference in the manufacturing world. Needless to say, I ordered the wrong part. (more…)

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Poolside Chat - Custom Covers & Above Ground Pool Parts - Inyopools Episode 1

Video: Poolside Chat Episode #1 – Custom Covers & Above Ground Pool Parts

Today we have started our new video series, Poolside Chat. We came up with a revolutionary concept – to answer the questions our audience is asking. So that is what the show will be about. We will take one to two questions per week from our audience and answer those every week here on Poolside Chat.

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle two common questions:

  • Can I use a standard rectangular pool cover on a free-form pool?
  • How can you find replacement parts for an above ground pool?

Poolside Chat Episode #1 Video

Watch the video it’s easier than reading 😉


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3 Things I Learned From Owning a Swimming Pool

3 Things I Learned From Owning a Pool

After working in the pool business for years, my family and I finally decided to take the plunge and build our own pool. This was our first venture as pool owners. Now that I have had a pool for three years I have learned several lessons that I did not know prior to owning a pool. You could say I went from book smarts to street smarts as a pool owner. The three biggest things I have learned from pool ownership are:

  1. A lot of Evaporation occurs
  2. You add a lot of Salt
  3. You add a lot of Acid


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