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How to Balance Your Pool Water

Keeping your pool water properly balanced is one of the most important tasks a pool owner has, besides throwing cool, summer parties, of course. Most pool owners have a love-hate relationship with pool chemistry. They love it when their water levels are perfect and hate it when they are spending a ton of money to get it balanced again. Balancing your pool water should not be a daunting task. In fact, it could be as easy as A-B-C.

We get tons of calls and emails from customers asking us how to balance their pool water. There’s not one step by step guide that will work for every pool because every pool is very unique. However, if you can understand the relationship between the chemicals in your pool, then it becomes easier to manage your levels.

Balancing your pool water requires an understanding of the relationship between different chemical measurements in your pool. Your pool water’s chemistry is constantly in flux and therefore, chemical levels aren’t the same in January as it is in October. This makes understanding how one chemical affects the other crucial to balancing your pool. (more…)

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Above ground pool vs an inground pool

Above Ground Pool vs. In-ground Pool

I do my work in Central Florida. Here it’s home to Mickey Mouse, great weather, some old people, and at least one alligator in every natural body of water. Central Florida is also known as the area in the US with the second most concrete swimming pools. That’s right. We’ve got some concrete in-ground pools up here. We’ve also got a lot of above ground pools too.

More northern parts of the country are dominated by above ground pools for a few reasons, but down here and in other areas, homeowners have a choice. As an above ground pool installer, I can’t tell you how many people tell me how they were going to get an in-ground pool, but… So they instead got an above ground. As you can imagine, I’ve heard every reason (sometimes in unwanted great detail) why they chose an above ground over the in-ground. If you are finding yourself deciding on whether to get an above ground or an in-ground swimming pool and you found this blog post, then read on. I’ll cover the great battle of above ground versus in-ground swimming pools. (more…)

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off level above ground pools

“Off Level” Above Ground Pools

With the invention of YouTube, I have seen a lot of above ground pool installations done by do-it-yourselfers. I have also seen a lot of installation attempts as people call me halfway through for help. Some of these self-installations are done well, but most are not. I have occasionally been amazed at the ability of some to do a nice job on the not so easy job of building an above ground pool. Though, most really struggled with the project and barely got it together, lost friends and destroyed marriages. (more…)

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How to Choose a Good Pool Installer

How to Choose a Good Pool Installer

Here’s the scenario. You’ve sifted through all the information on the Internet on above ground swimming pools and have now bought one. Now it’s time to decide whether to build it yourself or hire someone to do the installation. With a mildly aching back and a less than enthusiastic spouse, you decide quickly that you want to get it installed. Now, what?

There aren’t many above ground swimming pool installers in the world, but they are out there and if you look well, you should find at least one or two that service your area. To help you find a guy, read my blog post on finding an above ground pool installer. (more…)

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