above ground pool installation

8 Reasons You Should Install an Above Ground Pool in the Off-Season

In most areas of the country, above ground pool installers are few and far between.  Here in Central Florida there are more installers than average and even with that they are hard to find. When you find us, it’s usually when you want your above ground pool installed which is in the summer. And that’s when we are all very busy.

People are funny. Not funny like a clown (take it easy, Joe Pesci). Just funny in that most won’t react until they feel like it, even if it makes sense to act well before that. Take having an above ground swimming pool installed for example. People call me in the off-season and we work out the details of installing their specific pool. During this process, I will encourage them to have the job done prior to the busy season of summer and they agree. Then, what do they do? They wait until May or June to call for the actual installation. Certainly they are disappointed when I tell them it’s going to be three weeks before I can get to them. And, if it’s a big project, I won’t even do it in the summer as it is too hot and I have too many other smaller jobs that I can do and not risk heart failure from the intense outdoor heat. (more…)

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pool heater and heat pump answer guide

Pool Heater Answer Guide

In previous answer guides, we compiled a “best of” of articles that covers the subjects of pool pumps and pool pump motors. With the end of summer fast approaching, what better subject to tackle than pool heaters, one of the few things that can extend your pool season.

The addition of a pool heater is not only a luxury, but a good tool. Pool heaters allow a swimmer to take the chill out of the water for early morning or evening recreational (even therapeutic) swims. But for some perspective heater owners, the fear of choosing the wrong heater type and the maintenance involved can give them cold feet. With this reason in mind, we have written articles, how-to guides and filmed instructional videos to keep you cool while selecting a pool heater. (more…)

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