How To Find The Correct Pool Pump Shaft Seal

Whenever you replace your motor, we highly recommend replacing your pump shaft seal as well. Not only does it protect the motor from water damage, but it also secures your one year warranty on the new motor. It’s a win-win scenario.

But, how do you find the correct seal for your pump? Are they all the same? Should you replace other seals at the same time? Let’s dig a little deeper.  (more…)

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Raypak’s Internet Warranty Policy

When a pool owner purchases a Raypak pool heater from us, one of their first concerns is Raypak’s internet warranty policy. Specifically, they want to know if you purchase a pool heater online, will it void the manufacturer’s warranty?

Well, worry no more.

At the 2017 International Pool and Spa Show, we had the chance to speak with John Kane, the National Sales Manager with Raypak and asked him a few questions regarding their internet warranty policy.  (more…)

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