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Why Does The Spa Drain When The Pump Shuts Off?

Oh no! Did you wake up today, look out your window, or walk out to your pool area and notice that the spa was nearly empty? Is it leaking? Where’d the water go? Is it under the deck? But, there isn’t any water gathering that you can see. 

It seems to do this when the pump shuts off, right? Why does the spa drain when the pump shuts off? Are you asking yourself, why does the spa drain when the pump shuts off? Let’s discuss the possible reasons as to why. 


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Winterize Pool With Unions

 How To Winterize Your Pool With Unions

One of the toughest parts about winterizing your swimming pool is the actual time and effort it takes to disassemble your pool equipment. Removing unions, unscrewing fittings, moving equipment around – it all seems like one big project. But what if you could help winterize your pool with unions?

Have you ever thought about what you could do to speed up this process? Seriously, how can you make it easier for you and your family to close your pool and reopen it again in the spring?

Unlike new pool owners,  most of us can’t change a lot about our current equipment set up. In turn, we wanted to provide a list of ideas and union pieces that can potentially make winterizing your pool easier.  (more…)

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HELP! My Swimming Pool Is Overflowing

HELP! My swimming pool is overflowing. 

Have you ever uttered these words? Do you have a fear of your swimming pool overflowing after a heavy rain? Do you have an emergency draining plan in place, just in case? We know that the last couple of months have been pretty brutal for the majority of the country. The weather tested our faith in humanity, our faith in our electric companies, and it tested many homeowners with swimming pools.

Just in case of an emergency, your family should always have plans for your swimming pool. Trust us, you don’t want to wait until the water reaches the deck before you jump into action. At that point, it may be too late.

We all have many things to be concerned about during a storm. Flooding shouldn’t be one of them.  Let’s explore ways you can prevent your pool from flooding during a heavy rainstorm. 


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5 Areas To Check Before Opening Your Pool

So here we are together again, embarking on another pool season. To us, a new pool season means another year of enjoying the good weather while barbecuing with friends and family around the pool. In fact, I can almost taste the barbecue now. Are you ready for it? Better yet, is your pool ready? Believe it or not, most pool owners get a late start in opening their swimming pools for the season. Sure, there are a few factors that play a role in determining when to open the pool, e.g. the weather, money, time, and opportunity.

Still, even if you have certain things holding you back from physically opening the pool, there are things you can do to jump- start the preparation. Most of the time, pool owners don’t actually realize they are falling behind schedule until it’s too late. Trust us, we encounter the “last- minute- motor- shopping” stories every season. If we polled pool owners to check who were confidently ready to open their pools, how many of you could say yes? My guess is the majority of pool owners will say no. Either way, let’s explore the five areas all pool owners should check before opening their pools. (more…)

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