Hayward Pool Heaters: 2017 International Pool Spa Expo

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  1. Hello. I hope you can help. Our pool is staying clean but when the pump shuts off whether timer or manually, it literally sounds like aliens gasping for their last breaths. This has been happening for a few years now. We have a solar heating system. I don’t think this is supposed to happen. It never used to sound like this. And when the solar heater is turned on, water drips off the roof into the gutters & I am having to add water to our pool every few days. Our pool is very large & this is costing alot of $. We recently had it resurfaced so I don’t think that’s the problem. Do you have any suggestions or fixes?

    1. The solar panel problem sounds like aa leak, possibly a loose fitting. I’d have the installer come out to have a look-see.

      If the pump gasping noise only happens after it is turned off, it likely the sound of air entering the season. It could be the solar panels but I don’t think it is because it is on the pressure side of the system, not the suction. have you checked the pump strainer lid, and any plumbing joint seams and valves hairline cracks?

  2. Hi, I just replaced the motor on my pool pump but when I turn it on it starts smoking (yikes!) and I can tell the impeller is not turning (like something is getting it stuck). I immediately turned off the pump and power and was able to turn the impeller without a problem but when I try to run the pump the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas? I believe all electrical is hooked up correctly as it is the exact same Hayward motor that was on it before.

    Thank you!

    1. A common problem with new motor is when the installer does not adjust the voltage knob on the terminal board. If you motor label show “Voltage: 115/230” it means it is a dual voltage more. These dual voltage motors come wired for 230 from the factory. If your old motor ran on 230, you would need to switch the knob to the 115 setting to get the motor to operate.

  3. Hi Matthew,
    I tried both the 115 and 230 settings. I believe, to your point, that I first tried to run it at 230 volts and fried some of the copper wiring inside the motor. When I switched it back to 115, the motor powered up but I could still tell the impeller wasn’t turning and quickly turned off the power (the motor was hot). Does this mean I need another new motor?
    Thanks so much for your reply!

    1. To me, it sounds like the motor is shot. But you might want to take it to a motor shop or the place from which you bought it to have them check it.

      The motor should not have been damaged if it was set to 230, with actual 115 volts applied to it. But the motor would smoke and possibly be terminally damaged if you set the motor to 115 and applied 230.

  4. I have a Hayward pool heater #H400FDN (model number ) Serial# 21131309104565001
    Heater is coming on and off. It does not stay on.Inducer motor comes on, igniter comes on,gas valve turns on
    goes off and it repeats itself until it locks out.

    1. This is likely a fuel supply issue. The common culprit is a malfunctioning meter or an undersized gas line.

      If neither of those is the cause of your heater issue, then it is best that you contact Hayward for further troubleshooting. Hayward technical support can be reached at (908) 355-7995

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