How Can I Extend My Pool Season?

3 thoughts on “How Can I Extend My Pool Season?

  1. I want to heat an ipool 3…but also want to have a saltwater ozonator system…is there a heater that you’ll recommend for saltwater that won’t drop the gah of the provided pump too much ( it is 2500gph ). The saltwater ozonator I looked at said it needed a minimum of 1500 psi to Work? The latter is rated for larger pools..10,000 gal or so I don’t want to buy something that’s too big either

  2. Maybe I should have just asked for a recommendation of specific sizes or models….a strong enough pump and filter system to pump water trhrough some model/size electric water heater and still have at least 1500 gah pressure left to drive a combination saltwater and ozonator system before returning the clean water to the pool??

  3. A 2300-2400gallon above ground pool in Northern California that I am hoping to swim and exercise in year round and is outside under a covered deck (no help from the sun). Ipool 3

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