How Many Lights Do I Need For My Pool?

7 thoughts on “How Many Lights Do I Need For My Pool?

  1. Hi. I have a sp0502 fixture which is no longer made. Hayward pool light 12v 300w sealed beam. Would you know the replacement style or type?. Thanks

  2. Do you guys sell a lighting system that changes colors Etc by remote control? I already have two lights in my pool so the housing and wiring is there but I’d like to buy a light system that can be controlled remote control from inside the house

  3. I had a inground pool built geo metric and one Pentair led light was used – I questioned the placement of the light in the pool and pool builder said enough light – the light is placed in part of pool that does not directly face end of pool with steps and light does not bend around pool to reach entire are so I have a half lit new inground pool . What lighting options do I have ?

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