How To Convert an Above Ground Pool to Saltwater

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  1. Is there any advice on compatibility between the board itself and what type of cell your using. I.E. Hayward turbo cell GLX cell 5 vs T-5. I recently had to get a new panel and my old GLX cell 5 doesn’t seem to work with the new Board, thus forcing me to use the cell the new board came with.


  2. I’m looking to make an intex 8ft x 30in inflatable ring top pool a saltwater pool. Do you have any recommendations for a cheaper salt water pump for a pool that size?

  3. Can a salt water system be added to any above ground pool ? I was told by the pool store is wasn’t recommended for my pool because it will mess it up

  4. I have a summer waves 16x 48 pool and I want to convert th as t to saltwater. Any suggestions? I’ve read and watched videos and I’m just not certain what to purchase.

  5. We just ordered a 10ft x 30” inflatable ring top pool and we are looking at making it a salt water pool. What kind of pump and other supplies do we need? It comes with a 600gph filter pump.

  6. I have a Doughboy above ground 24×52 chlorine pool and I want to convert to salt. This is not resin, but steel. Can this be done?

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