How To Prevent Swimming Pool Evaporation

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  1. Lol, yuup,
    putting on a solid cover with 25 x 8′ water bags around its perimeter every night to deter evaporation
    and then removing them and storing them every morning until putting the cover back on at night kind of takes the fun out of owning a pool

    1. Try Liquid Solar Blanket. It doesn’t work quite as well as a solar blanket, but it’s a lot easier and does a pretty good job.

    2. You apparently don’t understand the importance of covers & since I swim outside all winter long in -10 or 15 degrees you would quickly understand that need for covers & warm water. I guess you must be rich too with the huge heating costs u must endure.

  2. Totally agree. The same thing hold true to removing a solar cover daily in a free form type pool which cannot be put on a reel. It takes two people. It deters you from using the pool. Losing water and especially heat is the price you pay when you have a pool in a part of the country that has cooler nights, (which is most of our swimming season).

    1. I have a freeform pool and a solar cover on a reel. It takes less than 5 min to remove and just a little longer to put back on.
      The only downside is the water can get too hot in the middle of the summer but it’s made a huge difference in my water loss.

    1. This would be something similar to Solar Sun Rings; which were just a bunch of small round solar blankets. They worked ‘ok’ but their design left a lot of gaps. As long as you get a few solar blankets that fit well to eliminate gaps for heat to escape, it should work.

      1. I live in metro Houston and I just read where we are the 8th ranked large city for rainfall. I probably pump more water out of my pool than I put in it. What I really need is how to get a 500 lb block of ice into it in mid-July 😒

          1. I have a homemade solar heater and on the occasion when it gets too hot, I run it at night and it helps to dissipte the heat

        1. Highly recommend adding a fountain for your case. There are a few stiles online that are $20-$30 if you already have a booster pump. This will increase evaporation to get rid of your issue with needing to pump water out, and will drop your water temp by 10+ degrees.

    1. That’s not true. The rain in Indiana as usually acid rains with no calcium, so unless you start with a pool that is very alkaline and high calcium, your pool will only become more corrosive over the season.

  3. As a person that ownes a business cleaning and maintaining pools, It would be a great gesture to remove the cover before your pool cleaning person arrives. Also another thought. When you keep a cover on the pool and a lot of debris settles on top and then removing the cover can also be a real hassle for us cleaning folk. Just sayin.

  4. We will be on vacation for a couple of weeks and will take the solar cover off for the convenience of our pool guy.
    What about running the pool filter in the evening for say 4 hours after sunset to slow down the evaporation process?

    1. Running your filter at night would agitate the water making it easier for the heat to escape (and water to evaporate),

  5. I have a 8m x4m saltwater pool with a retractable enclosure and a heat pump. Enclosure is polycarbonate so virtually no insulation. Evaporation is so bad (5” per day) I think I may have a leak. If water is 28c and outside is 5c at night and 15c in the day, what should evaporation be? So much water hangs under the enclosure it is constantly dripping (mainly back into the pool, I would have thought?) There are some air leaks but not too bad.

    1. Just going by your units of measure, you probably are not in the US; but even if you are in Tunisia 5″ inches is too high. The high evaporation rate is likely due to the difference in water and air temps. When warm water hits cool air, evaporation rates increase. How much does it increase by? Don’t know exactly, but probably not enough to cause 5 inches of water loss a day. You may want to look into getting a solar blanket to prevent evaporation.

      1. I lose about an inch a day with no cover on in Chicago for a 18×36 pool. This is usually late summer with cool nights. When its hot at night in July, I lose maybe 1/4 inch a night.
        I’ve also cut my cover into 3 stips and affixed them to pvc pipe on each end. I just roll them open and closed as needed. Works great as I can’t fit an automatic cover due to a slide and landscaping.

  6. Hi ..your advice was a revelation !..For years ..more like decades ..I thought our pool was leaking . I replaced spider gaskets , multi port valve springs …provided new shut off values on the wastes.. did dye traces and bucket tests..all to no avail ..then I read your advice on the causes of evaporation …YES we do have a waterfall water feature and I turned it off .. and guess what ..THE WATER LEVEL DIDN’T GO DOWN ! ..Its been like that for over a month. I relaid this to my pool shop guy and he gave smile ..the secret is out!…thanks heaps for your advice ..Brighton Victoria Australia

  7. Anyone have little nicks or irregularities in your pool that tend to attract algea? I have a few where the walls meet the floors. I don’t have algea issues but will see some green in these nicks as they can’t be brushed easily. How have you repaired these? Caulk? Add concrete or plaster in the off season to smooth it out?

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