Identifying Pool Stains

Identifying Pool Stains

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  1. What if you are developing small yellow stains that will not respond to shocking and will not respond to vit c testing?

  2. I have Iron staining across the entire liner of my pool, water tests show no metal but i have done 5 stain treatments this year already. i have added metal free, i have a Culator in the skimmer and also changed 3/4 of the water, still every week(almost to a tee) the liner becomes i used regular vitamin C tablets as im tired of spending money on this mess, pool looks great but im guessing a week from now it will be stained again…any help is appreciated

    1. LD, have you used a stain ID kit to confirm these stains are in fact iron? If not, I suggest you do so, this will confirm your suspicions of iron stains or prevent you from throwing more metal free at a non-metal stain. I’m not sure how you could get iron stains without there being metal present in the water.

  3. We have a Gunite pool. I have started to see yellow staining on the bottom and walls. It almost looks like what happens to antique furniture finish. It gets old, turns yellow…
    What is causing this, and can it be removed?
    Thank you!

  4. My pebble tech pool was originally a blue surface but lately has started to turn green in they surface. I have a cooper heater and the stabilizer is high. What do you recommend

    1. I would recommend first, check out what the stain is like the article suggests. You need to figure out if the stain is algae or copper.

      If it is copper then, then you probably need a new heat exchanger (or at the very least, have a pro take a look at it) and to use some copper remover for the stains.

  5. I just bought a house where pool wasn’t open for three years. Got the water crystal clear. Bought product from local pool store and stains are still there. Is it possible the leafs and debris’s from sitting for few years again everything? Can I get those stains out? Everything is in deep end so not sure how to test

  6. My AGP paper cartridge is stained blue. I have soaked & cleaned. Still blue stained. Yes, I did use copper algaecide to eradicate mustard algae & the pool liner developed stains throughout. The pool itself is no longer an issue. Water is good, stains are slowly fading by using metal free & stain remover. Question is, can this filter be saved if I put it back in a month from now & use metal free again & stain remover or is it just best to pitch it?
    Thank you

  7. I recently paid to get pool re plastered after 11 months there is stain in the middle of the pool. Is like fading from the center no mineral deposits or leaves 🍁 never in that area.
    What do you think causes that?

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