how long does it take to heat a pool?

How Long Does It Take to Heat a Pool?

24 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Heat a Pool?

  1. Has anyone used a Heat Exchanger connected to their home air conditioner to heat your pool? We are considering going this route. Once you have the initial investment of the heat exchanger; it is free to heat your pool because you are using the hot air from your air conditioner to heat the water.
    Just wanted to know if anyone has experience with this method.

      1. I would like to know who installed it for you cuz I have one I just purchased a couple of weeks ago from hotspot energy recovery and can’t find anyone to do it any suggestions please

    1. I purchased one and I can’t find anyone to put it in I bought it from hotspot energy I live in Tampa do you know anyone that could put it in

    2. I researched this but went away from it as the air conditioner is likely not running substantially when you would most want to heat the pool early or late in the season.

      1. If you have an old house, maybe? Or constantly leave your windows open? The second that it hits 70 degrees, my house needs AC badly, and interior temperatures will reach the upper 70s. It retains the heat generated inside and the exterior temperature doesn’t allow much heat exchange. I am running AC pretty much as soon as it’s 65 or so outside. Then when it’s consistently above 75 the AC is on all day long.

  2. The correct term I should have used is Heat Recovery. It is a unit that connects to your house air conditioner unit and heats your pool.

  3. My pool deep end is about 8 feet deep. Would that make a substantial difference in the heating time?
    i am having my pool replastered by a local company that claim it would not.
    thanks for your input

  4. Have you heard of this issue: the temp reading on the heat pump will read something like 65 when I first turn it on and immediately begin to climb. Within a few minutes and as soon as the compressor turns on, the temperature reading immediately begins to drop by a degree every 2 or 3 seconds or two, making it look like it’s cooling the pool. Is this normal? Thanks a lot

  5. Reading a lot of these articles, I can’t figure out why my pool installer wants to use a natural gas heater? To me, that makes no sense in Las Vegas. Any time I would be swimming, it’s going to be over 75 degrees, so a heat pump seems to make the most sense to me and would cost the least money long-term, especially because we’ll have a robust solar array so I think I can power the entire house and the pool from solar power because it’s a large rooftop. I’m just concerned that he’s building the system for “normal person” use, and I’m not a normal person. I work from home, I intend to swim daily from mid-March through October, so it doesn’t do me any good to say, “Ah well, leave the pool unheated all week, then I’ll crank it up for the weekend!” No, I’m just as likely to use it on a random Tuesday afternoon than I am on Saturday or Sunday, maybe more likely during the week even because I wouldn’t be going anywhere. At the same time, I don’t want a system that costs me $20/day to heat, that’s just ludicrous. I also suspect some people like much colder pools than I do. If it’s 105 or 110 outside, sure, I’m fine with 82 degrees, but normally speaking I want the pool 85 degrees if I’m going to enjoy being in it. I don’t swim laps, just float around, so if it’s cold that’s a miserable experience.

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