How Much Does Swimming Pool Water Cost?

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  1. As a well owner, I’m scared to death to fill (or top off) our 35,000G pool with a garden hose lest we burn out the well pump. Last summer the water level was below the skimmers due to the heat so I paid a water company to come out and add about 2500G. It only took about 15-20 minutes to raise the level 4-5″ and it was around 150$ USD. I will definitely use a water service this summer to open the pool this season since it’s fast and relatively inexpensive.

    1. Well water pumps are built to last decades. My parents had a leak in a water line in their well for months before they realized it. They just got used to the pump kicking in randomly, but eventually it clicked and my dad tracked down the problem and fixed it. A couple days won’t hurt it. Running it dry would have been a problem though, they had to haul water every 10-14 days during the dry season.

    2. You definitely have now worries about burning your pump up just topping off. What I’ve always done to avoid the water level dropping below the skimmers, is to run water once a week in the pool and always after a pool party. That way “topping off” is only a small amount instead of letting it get 4-5″ below level before adding water.

    3. that was a good price,we use the tap water and a garden hose,it s 400.00 for 16k gal…but we have to let them know it is for our swimming pool,otherwise would be more than 1k.

  2. Hello I have an above ground pool and live in California my pool requires 4500 gallons how much would that cost us if we use a garden hose

  3. Hello, how much would it cost to fill a 5,061 gallon pool in South Dakota? I am figuring around 8 dollars, what do you think?

  4. Hello I’m in New York and I want to fill my pool but I don’t want to spend a lot of money can I use the water from the johnny pump or buy it I need ur help #firsttimepoolowner

      1. From what i have read, you can use a fire hydrant but you must be over 18 and go down to your local fire department and fill out a form to have the hydrant opened.

  5. What would be the cost for me to use 77,000 gallons of water from my hose to fill community pool live in 28277. What would be the cheapest way to do this? thank you

    1. Go to and type in “pool water delivery services near me” or call the City of Charlotte’s water service and ask them the cost of water pet gallon at home, then calculate.

    1. Not true at all. The water you drink comes directly off of that same main line the fire hydrant is attached to

  6. I live in Massachusetts and I’m a new pool owner. When we took off cover the pool lost over half it’s water. I called a water supply company and they filled the rest of my 25k gallon pool with one transport truck which held 12k gallons. It cost me 700. We haven’t found a reason why half the water was missing. The level is maintaining. Good luck

  7. Whats cheaper to fill out swimming pool. City water district or get a water truck company? Please anyone advice, thanks


  8. Need to fill up a residential big size pool in Gilroy Ca. Approx. 120,000 gallon of water. There is a near by fire hydrant but we need water trucks (4000 gall). Let me know if you can accommodate by 8-8-2020
    408-377-9990 / Bob Hardesty

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