How To Drain and Clean A Swimming Pool

How To Drain and Clean A Swimming Pool

Hey, pool owners. In this video, we’re going to show you how to drain and clean your swimming pool. In a previous video, we showed you how to clean a green pool by bringing the chlorine up to shock level and continuously cleaning the filter until all the algae was removed.

In this video, we will drain all the water from the pool, do a chlorine wash on the walls, refill and balance the water chemistry. Let’s go ahead and get started.


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Zodiac Quits The Internet

In what many considered a bold move, Zodiac announced in late 2018 that they were leaving the internet. Zodiac quits the internet officially. In the press release, Zodiac laid out their new Trade Series Policy, that comes with new guidelines and stipulations. However, what exactly does this mean for pool owners?

Specifically, how does this policy affect YOU?

In this article, we discuss Zodiac’s new policy in detail, the changes we’ve made, and how it affects pool owners across the country.  (more…)

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Tips For Maintaining Your Pool Equipment

When asked, members of our Facebook Group, Pool People, suggested that we release more content on tips for maintaining your pool equipment. Sure, most pool owners pay attention to their water chemistry (we hope). However, we rarely hear about maintenance routines for the equipment.

As you know, some pieces of equipment are more expensive than others. It is important to protect and maintain your equipment so that you maximize your $avings.  (more…)

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