Poolside Chat Episode 43: Finding The Right Spa Cover

Poolside Chat Episode #43: Finding The Right Spa Cover

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:
  • How do I find the right cover for my spa?

“I need a new cover for my spa. Can you guys help me out?”

Because spa comes in all different shapes and sizes, and there are so many color options for you choose from, spa cover makers, make each to order to fit your specifications. This has a twofold advantage: one, it ensures the cover fits perfectly to your spas specs instead of a one-size-fits-all solution. And two, it prevents them from warehousing a hundred pink hexagonal spa covers no one wants. Not that there is anything wrong with pink.prestige spa covers

Where is the Spa Cover Measurement Form?

Finding the form is real simple, go to (www.InyoPools.com), go to our search-by-keyword box, enter “Spa Covers” and it’ll take you right to the spa cover page. Then, scroll down and look for the big red button that says, “Click here for measuring form.” And there you go.

How do I fill out the Spa Cover Measurement Form?

First, we will start with the shipping and contact information, this allows us to estimate shipping costs with courtesy free-shipping. Make sure you include a valid phone number and email so we can contact you with an emailed quote or follow up questions regarding your measurements.

To the right, you have the cover type, standard or walk-on, with colors choices. The Standard spa cover is a simple foam panel, covered in vinyl and the walk-on is an insulating foam core reinforced with glued aluminum channeling. The walk-on is ideal for homes with small children or heavy snowfall.

how do i fill out spa cover measurement form
Walk-on Spa Cover

The corner section, show you exactly how to measure a radius corner, which I know can be a little tricky. And the second page features others odds and end features like preferred skirt length, strap count, and whether you require any tie downs or fasteners to help secure your cover.

And another thing, we forgot to mention, on the cover size and shape section make sure to mark a dotted line to show where you prefer the cover fold.

After you’ve completed the form, just email upload@inyopools.com, or you can fax it in to 866-284-5122.

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