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Poolside Chat Episode #44: Replacing a Jandy Ray-Vac Cleaner

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:
  • Which pool cleaners replace the Jandy Ray-Vac?

I have a Jandy Ray Vac cleaner and I need to replace it. What do you recommend?

Katheryn R, Inyo Forum

Rumors of the Jandy Ray-Vac’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Parts for the popular Ray-Vac are still available, and you can still get the whole Ray-Vac head and hose. Unfortunately, Jandy only sells the Ray-Vac head and hose separately, which means the price balloons if you are replacing both.

To replace a Jandy RayVac with a whole new cleaner there a few options but the most notable are the Polaris 360 and the Kreepy Krauly Legend 2 by Pentair. What makes the Jandy Ray-Vac special is that it operates on your main pump and does not require a separate booster pump. The Kreepy Krauly and Polaris 360 are drop-in replacement because they also are powered by your main pump’s return line.

Ray-Vac cleaners were around for a really long time and people loved them. But all pool cleaners come to their end and you just have to replace it eventually. Thanks for joining us!

2 thoughts on “Poolside Chat Episode #44: Replacing a Jandy Ray-Vac Cleaner

  1. The demise is not exaggerated, it just isn’t completely dead yet.

    The only reason why the Ray Vac was discontinued was because Polaris bought the company and they didn’t want to maintain multiple designs. The Ray Vac has been artificially raised in price so as not to compete with the inferior Polaris products.

    In a fiberglass pool the Ray Vac worked WAY better than anything I have tried from Polaris. The wheeled versions get stuck on steps and the floating jellyfish kind (Polaris 165) miss spots.

    1. I agree. The Polaris 360’s are junk. They have way to many moving parts and are costly to maintain. I wish the Ray-vac complete unit would resurface.

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