PSC Ep. 61: Why Is My Baracuda Pool Cleaner Not Moving?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:
  • Why Is My Baracuda Pool Cleaner Not Moving

baracuda pool cleaner diaphragm
Baracuda Diaphragm

“My Baracuda vacuum is not vibrating. The pool pressure is fine and the suction at the vacuum is great, it’s just not moving. Looked at the diaphragm and it looks good. Replaced the foot at the beginning of the summer, what do I do now?”

The diaphragm (see, picture) should be the first thing we check in these situations.  The smallest of holes or tears will prevent the cleaner from moving. The question mentions the foot, essentially the base mount for the cleaner, these grooves on the foot become worn, this prevents venting of excess pressure. When those grooves get worn down, the cleaner can get stuck to the bottom so it’s good that you replaced the foot. 

Next, you’d want to check all the hoses for any holes. While Baracuda pool cleaner is running, just lift the hoses out of the water and listen for any air. If you have any holes in those hoses, replace those hoses and that will correct the problem. If you still have the gauge that came with the cleaner, it’s a good idea to put that on the last hose before the cleaner to see if you have enough suction. 

baracuda pool cleaner foot
Baracuda Foot

Some pool owners will use the palms per square inch, this solution never really works out. Not an accurate measurement. If you don’t have the gauge, then look for air leaks in your equipment like anything on the suction side of the system. Maybe the pump lid o-ring, maybe the valves in front of the pump.

Any plumbing tees, elbows or any other non-straight pipe plumbing elements should be checked for air leaks, as well.

If you notice air in your pump strainer, you want to get that fixed, and that should correct the problem with the cleaner moving. Also, a dirty filter will prevent the cleaner from moving. Even if you clean the filter, a test you can do is if you have a sand or DE filter, you can put the valve on recirculate and run the system. If the cleaner moves, you know it’s the filter. 

Same scenario with the cartridge filter, you can take the cartridge out, put the top back on, run the system. If it starts, cleaner starts moving around, you know it’s the cartridge. Those are some of the things you can check to get the cleaner up and running. 

If you have any further questions about Baracuda pool cleaner repair feel free to leave a comment down below. And don’t forget to visit for all your pool and spa needs.

16 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 61: Why Is My Baracuda Pool Cleaner Not Moving?

  1. The diaphragm in my T5 is operating too fast. Rather than the normal flap-flap-flap, it’s going so fast it just sits there vibrating. There is nothing lodged in the diaphragm.

      1. The diaphragm was replaced a few months ago. I removed it and checked that it was in perfect condition, which it was. Could I have too much pressure, rather than too little? I increased the RPM because the cleaner wasn’t doing a good job when the solar kicked in, but could I have gone too far?

  2. My Baracuda cleaner has been used very little. Replaced the diaphragm . Have tried short connection 4 new hoses. Does not pulse The old Kreepy Krauly worked fine but parts wore out Currently cleaning manually with hoses all way to end of 30 ft. long pool . If the manual cleaner works shouldn’t the Baracuda also?

  3. Hi…. I recently bought a new Zodiac G3 and it won’t move at all. I set it up, put a brand NEW filter in the pump and it moved half way across the pool and has never moved since. I have adjusted the flow regulator in all 3 options to no avail and I tried it with a new [vertical] Zodiac leaf bag, with my old larger Haywood [horizontal] leaf bag as well as direct without any leaf bag. The pump seems to be working but what else could it be?

  4. Hi. I have a baracuda cleaner. I cleaned the filter added earth,conditioner. Baracuda wasn’t moving well. Had to replace diapghram. Was working well. Then pressure went up and now its not moving well. Still goes but gets stuck coming up from deep end. What should i do? And can i removed the filter cover without cleaning filter? Also what does it mean if while removing filter dirty water goes in the pool? Help!!

  5. Y barracuda works for about 20 to 30sexonds then stops, everything appears to be ok, where do I start, pressure is ok, Hosea are ok, foot is not worn and diaphragm appears to be ok, not that old.

  6. Any tips for a barracuda that works for about 30 minutes then stops? Or won’t be working then will kick in and work again?

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