Why is my pump losing prime when I vacuum my pool?

PSC Ep. 68: Why is my pump losing prime when I vacuum my pool?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: 
  • Why is my pump losing prime when I vacuum my pool?

“I’m trying to vacuum my above ground pool but every time I plug the hose into the skimmer my pump runs dry and loses prime. Why is this happening?”

There could be several reasons why this is happening. One of the most common would be air in the hose. When you first put your vacuum hose into the water and before you put the vacuum on it, hold it up to a return jet while the pumps running; that’ll blow out all the air from the hose. Another thing you look for is any holes in the vacuum hose. If there’s a hole near the top of the hose and it’s near the surface it’s going to suck in air that’s going to cause you to lose prime. Another common issue is a clogged vacuum hose.

Another thing, when you attach that vacuum hose and increases the suction pressure, this could cause the hose that runs from the pool and the intake of your pump to collapse. Make sure you know that that hose is nice and firm and it does not collapse. The last thing to check would be the Pump Lid O-Ring. That’s a very common spot for air to get in especially when you connect the vacuum hose and increases that pressure, it could pull in air and cause the pump to lose its prime. Those are the things that I would look for.


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3 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 68: Why is my pump losing prime when I vacuum my pool?

  1. I just replaced my salt cell. When I put it on super clorinate it reads 0. What do I need to do. Salt cell is a t3 I have that matched. I have reset the box

    1. Which Hayward saltwater chlorinator do you have? AquaRite, AquaTrol, AquaPro, Aqua Plus?

      Which value states 0? Is it the output, salinity or other? Details are important when asking a question like this.

  2. I use a product that cost me 10 bucks. I think it works GREAT! Increased my suction power a bunch. Attached it to my skimmer vac plate in seconds.Game Changer. I think poolvacsaver is name of company that sells it. Not sure about name.

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