Are T-Cells interchangeable on Hayward AquaRite Systems?

PSC Ep. 71: Are T-Cells interchangeable on Hayward AquaRite Systems?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: 

Are the T-cells interchangeable on a Hayward AquaRite system? For example, can I replace a T-cell 9 with a T-cell 15, or vice versa?

There are normally two concerns we hear from pool owners when we receive this question: they want to know if replumbing is required and if a different T-cell is compatible with their control box.

Since the cells are of the same length, no replumbing is required. The new cell will connect to the existing unions. No problem.

As far as compatibility, there are some limitations for older AquaRite systems. T-cell 15 will work with all revisions of the AquaRite. However, the T-cell 3, 5, and 9 will only work with revisions 1.5 and higher. You can check their revision by pushing the diagnostic button seven times.

If you decide to change the T-cell, make sure you change the cell type that’s displayed in the control box. Otherwise, the system will receive incorrect salt readings, and it won’t produce chlorine.

To change the cell type in the control box, set the main toggle switch to “auto”. Then press the diagnostic button until the “T” number appears. Slide the toggle switch to “super chlorinate”, and then back to “auto”. The cell type will change. Repeat this process until the cell type in the display matches the new cell type.

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12 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 71: Are T-Cells interchangeable on Hayward AquaRite Systems?

  1. I replaced my Hayward T15 with new pureline and it came with new screw fittings but i would have to replumb to use them. the Hayward fitting seemed to wirk fine but it apparently backed off and was leaking. i made sure it was not crossfit but when i tightened it the threads are not tight and it acts like it is stripped. Anything I need to do other than rework the plumbing? the new unit did not come with the part that holds the tcell

    1. Teflon tape can be used to try to secure the nut in place. Outside of that, I am not sure of anything else that may work other than doing the necessary plumbing to use the fittings that came with the Pureline.

  2. I have a system with a T-5 cell, the brain AquaTrol appears to be working correctly.
    The T-5 cells seem to be harder to get, it states my brain is compatible with T-9, T-15.
    so I am on auto, push the diagnose button through different setting, but the cell page (8 button pushes) isn’t there.
    After the 7th push it goes back the the main salt page reading.
    Am I missing something?

  3. My cell voltage is working it’s way up to about 19, the generating light comes on, then the voltage drops to 0, the generating light disappears, and it works it’s way back to 19 again. This is a neverending cycle. Any ideas?

  4. Hi, I am using the low salt system from Hayward the cell number is LS-CUL can I replace it with T-Cell 9 or 15?

  5. I recently purchased a new T-3 cell. When I tried to recalibrate the system and scroll through to the tcell display, it does not appear. I have no idea what the system thinks it is operating on. Why is the display to change the tcell not showing?

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