Do I need a fireman switch for my pool heater?

PSC Ep. 72: Do I need a fireman switch for my pool heater?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: 
Do new pool heaters require a fireman switch?

Let’s explain what a fireman switch does. A fireman switch in conjunction with a timer is used to shut the heater down 15 to 20 minutes before the pump turns off. This was essential for older gas heaters because the old-style firebox retained so much heat. The pump was needed to run water through the heater while the fire break cooled down.

According to Hayward and Raypak, a fireman switch is not required with their new heaters. The new fireboxes are made of silica fiber panels that do not retain heat inside the cabinet. All these newer heaters dissipate heat almost immediately. That being said, it’s not about you, check with your local code requirements. Some municipalities may still require a fireman switch.


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3 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 72: Do I need a fireman switch for my pool heater?

  1. Looking to replace my old SPA Control Panel: Time clock w/4 function air switch, and 110V power cord connection. Power Services: 20 AMP/110 VAC/Conduit, Recovery Rate: 15 to 30 degrees per hour. This came with at two air switch’s Jets & Air, one Lite push switch (don’t use anymore), and Heater connection. Please advise on a new replacement model? I was looking at the 4-F Switch, T/C 120V (PBMCG311TC (would need in a 110V). I like the Intermatic Two Circuit Air Control W/Timer – RC2343PT. I also like the Control,ff-1094tc; 4 Function W/time (910106-001). I really need some Service Tech advise, “Which Control Panel” will work best for my needs in replacing the old unit? Thank you, I appreciate your feedback sincerely.

    1. I would need to know the model number of your current spa control to figure out what can replace it. You can contact Inyo at 407-834-2200 or contact a manufacturer like Intermatic at 815-675-7000 for more in-depth questions.

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