Can I suck up leaves with a regular vacuum?

PSC Ep. 80: How do I remove leaves from my swimming pool?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: 
I have leaves in the bottom of my pool. Do I have to use a pool leaf rake to get the leaves out, or can my pool vacuum suck them out?

That really depends on the amount of leaves in your pool. If you have a ton of leaves just covering the whole bottom of the pool, you probably want to use a Leaf Rake. What a leaf rake is it’s something you attach to the end of your pole, it has a bag on it and a little lip on the front so you can scoop them all out or you can use what they call a Leaf Eater. Basically, that has a bag on top of it, you connect your garden hose to it and you connect it to a pool pole and the water just blows the leaves up into the bag, so if you have a lot of leaves use one of those.

How do I remove leaves from my swimming pool?
A leaf rake in action

If it’s a moderate amount of leaves, pressure-style cleaners like Polaris, or the Pentair Legend series. Those are good cleaners to us if you have a moderate amount of leaves or robotic cleaners are pretty good.

Lastly, if you’re using a manual vacuum or a suction-style cleaner like a Hayward Navigator, you can use those if there are just a few leaves. You also want to make sure you have something in line to catch those leaves like a basket in between the hoses or you want to make sure you use a vac plate on your skimmer basket and connect the hose to that. You just don’t want all those leaves going directly into your plumbing because it could clog the suction line.

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    1. Hi…I Just purchased a Dolphin Proteus DX4 for my pool. There are a lot of leaves at the bottom. Which Dolphin do you have?

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