Magic Erasers In Your Pool

Have you heard of the new trend of putting Magic Erasers in your pool skimmer?

No? Neither have us.

Recently, a pool owner contacted us on Facebook to ask us about the legitimacy of Magic Erasers. Sure, I’ve used them around the house but never in a swimming pool. In fact, no one at INYO has come across this scenario either. So, we wanted to do more research on the Magic Eraser hype before we recommend it to pool owners.


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Phosphates In Your Swimming Pool

It’s funny that we never hear customers complain about phosphates being in their pool until their pool is green. Did you know that phosphates are always in your swimming pool, even when there are no algal blooms? That’s because it doesn’t cross your mind when your pool is nice and blue. After reading through various articles and customers’ questions on removing phosphates, I’ve come to one conclusion, there’s a lot of misconstrued and misconceptions regarding phosphates in your swimming pool. What exactly are phosphates? Where do they come from and how do phosphates get into your swimming pool? What is the threshold for phosphates before it becomes harmful to the swimmer?

Let’s explore phosphates a little more.


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Why Is My Pool Green?

If you go online and do a search for,”Why is My Pool Green?”, you will get a ton of articles about how you can get rid of the algae in your pool. I think it’s pretty safe to say that if your pool is green, algae are most likely the culprit.  However, what these articles fail to do is to explain how algae grew in your swimming pool in the first place. Did you lose sight of your chlorine levels? Or, are you not running your pump long enough for your filter to be effective? These are just a few concerns that you need to address on your quest to rid your green pool of algae. And sometimes, knowing what went wrong is as important as getting it back right.

For some pool owners, their pool can turn green in what seems like overnight. However, for many of you, your pool slowly turns green over a period of time. If your pool has a bad habit of turning green in the most inopportune times, then there’s probably something more going on than just a lack of chlorine.

Let’s continue to explore so that your pool does not end up like the green Summer Olympic swimming pool.


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why did the olympic diving pool turn greenwhy did my pool turn green?

Our Pool Water Turned Green: An Olympic Story

Has your pool water ever turned green? It’s okay, you’re part of an elite club of green pools that includes some well-known pools.

For the last four years, we’ve been waiting for the Rio Summer Olympic Games to arrive. And although there was much controversy leading up to the games, the headlines did not deter us from watching, rooting, and enjoying Team USA all summer. From volleyball to gymnastics to swimming, each sport had its own story of glory. For swimming, though, these stories became headline news for different reasons. And no, we’re not talking about Ryan Lochte.  

If you watched the diving or water polo events then you noticed the pool’s color changed what seemed like overnight. The diving pool and the water polo pool turned from a beautiful, clear blue to a deep, bright green. Although it happened on separate days, speculation and questions mounted about the safety of the athletes.

How could the pools turn green in an international event that provides tons of funding and press? Brazillian officials offered their explanation as to how this happened. However, after consecutive days of the pool’s condition getting worse, their explanations changed… for the worse. 

Let’s go through their list of explanations as to why the pool turned from blue to green and see if  their reasoning is likely.

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