Home Inspection with a Swimming Pool

Buying a house with a pool sounds amazing. Pools are great for hosting parties and creating indelible memories with your family and friends. If you’re not too careful, though, buying a home with a swimming pool can easily turn from a huge asset to a huge headache. That is why a home inspection with a swimming pool is absolutely necessary before closing the deal on a house.  Much like purchasing a used automobile, you cannot gauge the overall health of a swimming pool simply by looking at it. A general rule of thumb is never purchase anything used without inspecting the unit first.

Well, we’re here to ease your mind and to tell you that purchasing a home with a pool should not add to your stress. Sure, it may be something extra you have to pay close attention to during inspection, but the return investment is always exponentially greater. Let’s explore the dos and don’ts when dealing with a home inspection with a swimming pool.


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