Time to Change Pool Filter O-Ring?

When Should I Replace My Pool Filter O-Ring?

Changing out o-rings in your pool equipment can seem like a quick and easy task. And it is. Compared to other replacement parts, o-rings are rather inexpensive and are fairly easy to replace. However, failing to replace your o-ring can cause damage to other parts within your pool equipment resulting in a lot more spending.

O-rings and gaskets are typically made from an elastic-type rubber and are designed to seal, or in our case, help prevent water from entering in. O-rings are prevalent in most pool equipment including pumps, filters, chlorinators, valves, and heaters. Most pool owners know at some point they need to change the o-rings on their filter. However, most are unsure when and how often.


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New Pool Owners Guide

New Pool Owner’s Ultimate Pool Basics Guide

​One thing we would suggest to every new pool owner is to get familiar with pool basics.  This doesn’t mean you have to fix or even maintain your own pool; there are plenty of pros out there who can take care of that for you.  But trust us, ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to swimming pools.  We field thousands of calls from frustrated pool owners every year and in many cases, just a better understanding of pools and pool equipment would alleviate much of their stress. (more…)

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5 Signs you need to replace your pool cartridge

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Filter Cartridge

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pool Cartridge Filters and all the fun it entails. Their relative low cost and maintenance comparative to DE and the better water purification compared to sand filter are huge selling points. The only catch of cartridge filters is the sticky situation of replacing the cartridges. One of the hard parts for pool owners is knowing when to replace these cartridges, and that is why we are here to help. (more…)

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