pool heater and heat pump answer guide

Pool Heater Answer Guide

In previous answer guides, we compiled a “best of” of articles that covers the subjects of pool pumps and pool pump motors. With the end of summer fast approaching, what better subject to tackle than pool heaters, one of the few things that can extend your pool season.

The addition of a pool heater is not only a luxury, but a good tool. Pool heaters allow a swimmer to take the chill out of the water for early morning or evening recreational (even therapeutic) swims. But for some perspective heater owners, the fear of choosing the wrong heater type and the maintenance involved can give them cold feet. With this reason in mind, we have written articles, how-to guides and filmed instructional videos to keep you cool while selecting a pool heater. (more…)

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Inground Pool Equipment Selection Part 3: Heaters

How to Select an Inground Pool Heater

Hello and welcome Inyo fans, this is a continuation of Inyo pools equipment selection series, and it’s time to heat up the conversation a little bit.

In part three of this inground pool equipment selection series will be discussing, how to select an inground pool heater;  i.e. gas heaters, heat pumps and solar systems. All of which can extend your season by a month or more depending on where you live. We’ll discuss all three types of heating systems but first, let’s start with gas heaters. Sound good?


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Water Temperature of Above Ground Pools

Water Temperature of Above Ground Pools

People get swimming pools for a few reasons. Some get one to keep their kids busy and some to exercise in. Some get them for pool parties and others to have a place to chill out and get a tan. Regardless of the various reasons, everyone wants the water to be refreshing. And in case you don’t know yet, some pools are not always as refreshing as people want them to be.

Come to think of it, what’s considered refreshing pool water anyway? Certainly what’s refreshing to some is not to others. While living in a transient town like Orlando for almost all of my life, I’ve seen the pattern of people coming here from somewhere “up north” and enjoying what the rest of us consider frigid pool water. After they live here for a couple years, their bodies eventually come to their senses and they stop swimming in seventy degrees pool water. (more…)

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how does a solar pool heater work?

How Does a Solar Pool Heater Work?

Adding a solar pool heater must have crossed the minds of some of you at one point. Maybe you wanted to make an effort to go green, but most likely it was after seeing your pool heater’s first big gas bill. How it works, what’s it made of, and which is the best for your pool are things that remain a mystery to some pool owners. Well, never fear, we will give you the basics of solar pool heating. (more…)

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