Raypak: 2017 International Pool Spa Show

We’re here with John Kane, the National Sales Manager with Raypak, a leading manufacturer of pool heaters. Raypak’s a specialized company, meaning they work exclusively with gas heaters and heat pumps. As they our one of Inyo’s favorite brands, we ask them a few questions about the differences between copper and cupronickel, LoNOx (low emission heaters), sizing and their manufacturer warranty.


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Product Battle Series 2: Hayward Heater Vs. Raypak Heater

If you had to an option of choosing a Hayward heater or a Raypak heater, which one would you choose? It’s okay if you need more time to do some research before answering. This is just an example of the type of questions our customers usually wants answers to.

Owning a pool heater is still a fairly new common practice. The majority of pool owners did not purchase a pool heater ten years ago. For the most part, it was very expensive. They simply tailored their swimming season around their summer seasons and that was that. Today, it is just the opposite. Pool owners are looking for ways to extend their swimming seasons far beyond the last days of summer. The longer the season, the better. As a result, the need for pool heaters grew.

Today, most pool owners don’t need persuasion to purchase a heater. From experience, they simply want recommendations on which heater to purchase. Although we carry a wide variety of pool heaters, customers appear to be most familiar with Hayward and Raypak heaters. In fact, Hayward and Raypak heaters are our most popular heaters to date.

Still, purchasing a pool heater can be a daunting task for most pool owners.  At first glance, all pool heaters seem the same, but when you look a little further, you realize each heater has specific benefits and features that may benefit one pool over the other. In other words, what may be the best heater for our customer in Florida may not be the one we recommend to a customer in California.


For our second Product Battle Series, we are determining once and for all, which is better, the Hayward heater or the Raypak heater?  (more…)

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pool heater and heat pump answer guide

Pool Heater Answer Guide

In previous answer guides, we compiled a “best of” of articles that covers the subjects of pool pumps and pool pump motors. With the end of summer fast approaching, what better subject to tackle than pool heaters, one of the few things that can extend your pool season.

The addition of a pool heater is not only a luxury, but a good tool. Pool heaters allow a swimmer to take the chill out of the water for early morning or evening recreational (even therapeutic) swims. But for some perspective heater owners, the fear of choosing the wrong heater type and the maintenance involved can give them cold feet. With this reason in mind, we have written articles, how-to guides and filmed instructional videos to keep you cool while selecting a pool heater. (more…)

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Raypak Heater Fault Code Guide

No one likes to get an error code on any piece of technology, especially on a Raypak heater. It means something is wrong and needs to be addressed soon. The panic really doesn’t set in until you realize error code BD1 means absolutely nothing to you. Error codes are both curses and blessings. Although an error message is never really a good thing, at least it’s an indication of what the problem is. Just imagine how much easier it would be to diagnose diseases if humans came with error codes.) Usually, depending upon the manufacturer, the manufacturer will include a manual detailing what may have triggered the error message and possible solutions to fix the issue. All error code guides are not made equal.

Still, even if the error codes were listed in the manual, what are the odds you know where that manual is? Unless you’re like my mom who keeps all her paperwork in a filing cabinet, the manual was probably tossed a week after your product was working properly. Heaters, though, can be rather tricky without the manual. I love the saying, “hindsight is 20/20,” because it’s so true. How many times did you wish you kept something after you have convinced yourself that you didn’t need it and threw it away? Or maybe it’s just me.

Our goal with this blog is to aid you in identifying and defining the error code on your Raypak heater and to provide possible solutions, as per the manufacturer. If we don’t have a solution or do not address your particular issue, it’s always best to contact Raypak directly.


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