how to remove poop from pool

Someone Pooped in My Pool. What Do I Do Now?

This is a nightmare scenario for any pool owner. Someone’s chicken nuggets don’t agree with him/her and before know it, you have Code Brown on your hands. And if it is your pool, it comes down to you to clean it up. Because fecal matter in a pool poses a health risk due to exposure to bacteria and parasites, you need to operate with a clear mind in such murky times. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to rid your pool of the brown menace, both solid and not so solid.

But generally what is the best action when you have fecal matter in the pool? (more…)

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The Journey of Swimming Pool Water

Does anyone know how a pool works? I mean, specifically. Do you truly understand the journey of swimming pool water? I will be honest, when I first started working at INYO, I did not fully understand the complete flow process.  I mean sure, I knew it started at some point in the pool, then goes through the filter, the pump, the chlorinator, and the heater. But, I wasn’t quite sure where the water went first.

Understanding the journey of swimming pool water is beneficial to pool owners, not just pool technicians. Once you understand the complete flow of water, it becomes much easier to diagnose and repair any circulation issues you might have. Don’t forget, without proper circulation, it is impossible to keep your pool healthy.  (more…)

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Above Ground Pool Ionizers: Good or Bad?

Above Ground Pool Ionizers: Good or Bad?

Every year manufacturers come out with a ton of new products. Pool retailers get bombarded with new toys, better pumps, filters, liners, chemicals, tiles, building products, and of course, new equipment add-ons. During the twenty-nine years that I have been in the pool business I’ve seen new products promise great things, especially  the area of swimming pool water chemistry. (more…)

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Why Pool Ozonators are that great

Why Ozonators Aren’t That Great

Over the last few years, you may have heard all about the greatness that are ozonators. Ozone, in fact, is a great swimming pool oxidizer, sanitizer, and is a safe alternative to chlorine. It destroys trash and kills bacteria simultaneously. Ozone does almost everything chlorine does and can perform at a higher efficiency. With that being said, do we recommend you to run out and purchase an ozonator immediately?

Not necessarily. And here’s why.


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