How to Break Chlorine Lock

Chlorine is your pool’s immune system, without it, your pool would become ill, wretched and die. OK, that was a little overdramatic, but without chlorine, your pool would turn green, scummy, and become your very own backyard mosquito hatchery. And for this reason, we must keep our chlorine in check.

But what happens if your chlorine is “too” in check? By that, I mean too much cyanuric acid (CYA), and not enough chlorine. (more…)

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Poolside Chat Episode 34: Filling Your Pool With Well Water

Poolside Chat Episode #34: Filling Your Pool With Well Water

This is Poolside Chat where every week we answer your questions on how to fix and maintain your swimming pool. Poolside Chat is presented by INYOPools.com, helping pool owners find the right parts since 2001. In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:
  • Is it safe to fill my swimming pool with well water?

Now here’s your hosts – Matt and Rob.


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how to fill your above ground pool?

Filling Your Above Ground Pool

So you’re finally getting that swimming pool. You’ve figured out which above ground pool to buy, how big it will be, and where it is going to be placed in your yard. You have an installer lined up (or have talked some really good friends into helping you install it), the date is set and you’re ready to go. But what about the water? Where is all that water going to come from in order to fill your swimming pool?

To a pool guy like me, the answer on how best to fill a pool is usually obvious, but I get asked this question all the time under all types of circumstances. To my surprise, over the years I’ve come across many scenarios where the answer isn’t so obvious. Generally, there are five options for filling an above ground swimming pool. For some all five options are viable. However, for some only two options are viable and some have only one viable option. If you have only one option then this decision will be easy. If you have more than one viable option, let’s weigh them up together. Shall we? (more…)

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Advantages of Adding an Auto Water Leveler to Your Swimming Pool

Ever notice the water in your swimming pool decreases over time? Don’t worry, the gradual loss of water in your swimming pool is expected and a universal occurrence. The loss of water in your pool can occur for many reasons: wind, evaporation, water leak, poor pool construction, frequent backwashing, and water that splashes out of the pool. In past years, pool owners had to monitor their pools to ensure the water was at safe levels for equipment operation. Luckily for us, there are now more efficient and easier ways to do this. Automatic swimming pool water leveler systems were designed for this very reason.


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