The 6 Steps to Buying an Above Ground Pool

11 thoughts on “The 6 Steps to Buying an Above Ground Pool

  1. Good information! You might consider adding some cost data for the type of pool or filter for example that you are discussing. Thank you!

    R, – Paul

  2. Very good, and mostly thorough information, although prices might help.

    I desperately want a pool, but do not have more than maybe 5k to invest in one, so I was looking at spools or cocktail pools (just a tiny, plain pool) versus an above-ground one.

  3. Thank you for all this information! It was very helpful. One thing to mention that I didn’t think about; you need to have an electric source. I have an appointment scheduled for electrician to tell me how much it will cost to run electric from the house to the pool. That might also help determine where you place the pool.

  4. I am just starting my research on what size above ground pool would be best for our family/friends. We live in northern Illinois and typically swim about 5 nights a week. There usually anywhere between 10 and 25 people sometimes more. The ages range from 1year old all the way thru 45 years old. We are a huge group with mostly young boys. My mother-in-law had a oval pool not sure on the size. I live in the country on 2 acres so land isn’t an issue. What size pool would you recommend

  5. This is good information. I would agree that some pricing of those items would be helpful. But my big question is, what above ground pool would be best in a colder area? We live where it snows sometimes alot. But the summers are pretty hot. Also what kind of maintaining would I need to do so it won’t be damaged. Such as draining or keeping half full etc. Thank you

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