The Ultimate Guide: Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges

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  1. I just put (my pool tech) a new filter in. The equipment somewhere is making a irregular intermittent knocking kinda sound. I have heard this before when my husband used to maintain the pool. I don’t know what to do. He used to take care of it now it is my responsibility. Any suggestions?

    1. I have a similar mystery on a relative’s pool. When the pump starts to prime itself there is a loud noise similar to gravel in a hopper coming from the multiport valve. Eventually, the problem solves itself, but there is a lingering knock every ten to fifteen seconds. We haven’t found the source of it yet. But the pump and filter have been working correctly like this for a while so we have left well enough alone.

      1. that sound is likely “cavitation”, (trapped air in the system).. It can cause damage to pump if left doing it long time periods..

  2. you have to open the system at the highest point to let the air out… or in some cases set the valve to waste/flush for a minute to get the air out (assuming there is nothing in the pump housing)..

  3. Just to clear up a couple things. 1- microban is a trademark of fiber web ( Reemay) not pleatco. Pleatco uses no microban and uses point bonded media which is layered. Every major oem does not use point bonded media, as it has shorter cleaning cycles and is considered non oem grade.Filbur and Unicel are the two main makers for the OEM’s. And only ones that meet their specks.

  4. Is it ok to interchange cartridge filters. I’m shopping for pentair but keep getting results for handy. Are they similar?

    1. There are a few cartridges models that fit in a range of filter containers. If the cartridge height, width, end cap configuration, and end cap hole diameter match up then it should work.

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