Why Does My Swimming Pool Have Foam?

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  1. I opened my pool yesterday and only turned on the pump and sand filter, it is a 20,000 in ground pool. The pump has run for less than 24 hours and this morning, is covered with foam. I am currently working to get the debris out-leaves-from the winter, and have not added any chemicals since we closed last fall. I do nto remember this happening last year when we opened. Any thooughts?

    1. My thoughts would circle back to most of the points mentioned in the article. As Charlie mentions in the section “Question One: Have you added any chemicals to your pool recently,”  Algaecide is commonly used while closing a pool. Did you use algaecide during the closing of your pool? If so, that could be the problem.

      In the very same section, this is stated:

      If you add a pool opening kit to a well-maintained pool, it can cause your pool to foam. This happens because there are no algae in your pool to destroy. Springtime algaecides use surfactants to work and these molecules react with agitation causing froth.

      Then the second section talks about balanced water chemistry. Is your pool’s water chemistry properly balanced? If not, then you also need to take care of that.

  2. The fact you said Walmart brand should be skipped is not true. Since i was using that one my pool was perfectly balanced and no algae but when i changed it to pinch a penny one ruined my pool.

  3. “Whenever pool owners are searching for an algaecide, we always recommend purchasing a good one ($$). And yes, sometimes that means skipping over Walmart.” This is not necessarily true, I purchased a 1 quart bottle of Azure Algaecide 50 from INYOPools to use in my pool that stayed off all winter. I used it as directed but ended up using the whole bottle over the coarse of a week with little change in the swamp water. A few weeks later (due to the pandemic) I purchased a gallon of Clorox brand Algaecide from Walmart (this is what we used last time we had this issue) and the water was blue the next day. Mabey Azure brand wasn’t the correct choice but don’t knock Walmart right away. Do your research first.

  4. Many times people are quick to knock a product or solution. However, what works for one person might not work for another. As I often say it is a case by case bases. I service pools for a living and often hear I did this or they did that. Each pool is best treated on a case by cases bases. Over the past 20 years I learned you can never satisfy everyone by treating all the same. This is why people call pool service companies in the first place. #1 reason is they just want to swim and enjoy their pool. My advice is to let an experienced tech come out and get your pool working properly and once it is working properly, the owner can take over the process.
    As I always tell my employees never worry about trying to sell our service, our results proves our values. Often times companies worry about getting new customers and trying to keep them on the monthly billing cycle. I tend to differ with this thought and believe if you resolve the problem first and do a job correctly, the customer will choose your company over others.

  5. My pool was clear yesterday I’ve only had it up 4 days. I put in a new filter today and it’s now full of foam makes no sense to me

  6. Read many google entries about getting rid of foam. Thought I’d add what worked well for me and pass it on. I took a spray bottle with about a TSP of fabric softener, and filled the rest of the bottle with water. Spray it over the foam, then splash water to disperse the softener into the still sudsy water. Does not take much fabric softener. I kept filling the bottle with more water without adding more softener and apparently the little fabric softener still in the bottle continued to work. Only took about 1/2 hr for a 13×26 above ground pool, real quick. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to make notes like this to solve everyday problems by just googling the symptoms.

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