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Advantage Pools


**Please allow 3-4 Weeks for Delivery on all Advantage Pools**

Advantage Pools

Both round and rectangle Advantage pool packages come complete with a heavy duty 15 year pro rated liner (30Mil round/35Mil rectangle), rust proof metal framing and joints. A premium 54" 45lb. ladder and a premium heavy duty pump pack with skimmer and all hardware. All of our Advantage above ground pools are easy to setup and take down. Customer can fully assemble our Advantage above ground pools in about an hour! Comes complete with installation/user guide and a full 2 Year Warranty.

Assemblies without tools. The average family can assemble the Advantage above ground Pool within one hour. Can be easily disassembled without tools and moved as often as needed without damage to any of the parts. The Advantage Pool quickly stores away during winter months if desired.

Liner Material similar to that used for bullet proof vests - eliminating the need for flimsy metal walls which are unattractive and eventually rust. Whats more - the liner on our Advantage Pool has a limited lifetime warranty against ripping and tearing.

Included Pool Pack with easy to clean cartridge filter runs on household 110V - no electrician or work crew needed for install.

Includes a Heavy Duty A-frame Safety Ladder made of UV treated ABS plastic that will not rust and easily supports the weight of two adults. The Advantage Pool Ladder features lift up locking outer step section - limiting access to the pool and providing increased safety.

Heavy Duty A-frame ladder and Pump/Filter Pack with all fittings included. Optional Timer available (call for details)

Improved liner design and all metal frame construction with flexible joints. Unlike rigid pool designs, the pole and pivoting elbow joints are constructed of high quality, rust proof aluminum which provides flexibilty and strength translating to a design that supports installation on uneven surfaces - Up to 3" out of level!

The Advantage above ground pool can be placed on any surface - grass, concrete, dirt - even rocks.