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Misting Pumps


Low Pressure Misting Systems vs. High Pressure Misting Systems, Which do I need?

Low-pressure misting systems operate on city water pressure (city water pressures generally range from 30-85 PSI). Low-pressure misting systems are connected to an ordinary garden hose and create fine water droplets that cool the air surrounding the outdoor area. Aero Mist rigid copper mist systems are priced to compete with other lower quality plastic mist systems but that is where the similarities end. Aero Mist systems are affordable, constructed from rigid copper, commercial grade capable of handling pressure up to 1000 PSI, offer superior longevity and have the aesthetics that a homeowner can truly be proud of. The capability to upgrade your low-pressure mist system with a 1000 PSI pump and achieve maximum cooling makes this the last mist system you will ever need to buy.

If you are looking for the misting system that offers maximum cooling, then you will want an Aero Mist high-pressure misting system that includes a pump. With all the same features as the low-pressure systems, our high-pressure misting systems incorporate a pump that boosts normal city water pressure up to 1000 PSI giving the maximum cooling for your outdoor area. When using a high-pressure misting system water droplets become atomized creating an ultra-fine mist that flash evaporates instantly cooling the area. High-pressure mist systems cool up to 5 times better than low-pressure mist systems.

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