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Blue Diamond Cleaner


Blue Diamond Pool cleaners have install their patented PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) brushes on every Blue Diamond Robotic Cleaner. Originally designed to climb the slick tile walls of European pools, PVA brushes offer up 100% greater traction, virtually clinging to the walls providing unequaled gripping ability. It's almost like having a scrubbing sponge for the pool. This special material lasts twice as long as conventional faux bristle rubber brushes found on all other brands, and resists oil, bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Water Tech Corp's Ultimate Blue Diamond Robotic Cleaners save time and wear and tear on both the pool and machines themselves. Blue Diamonds Super-Smart cleaning pattern, which have made obsolete the archaic, ineffective zigzag and grid cleaning patterns other robotic cleaners still follow, as they feature a One and Done, almost surgically precise cleaning swath.