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Len Gordon


Len Gordon Lennovator Control Systems - Wireless Control System
Len Gordon Lennovator Pool/Spa Radio Hand-Held control displays water temperature status of jets, lights and auxiliaries. The complete system operates with two-way communication on monitoring and feedback from master control panel or hand-held control. The control transmits and receives a Distance of 200 feet with no line of sight required. Len Gordon Lennovator has an automatic 30-minutes shut off of jets and aux 1; 4-hour shut off of Spa-light, aux 2 and aux 3. The control uses a standard 9V battery and included a battery saver time-out (sleep) made feature to preserve life of battery.

Len Gordon Features:

  • Len Gordon Operates up to 8 pieces of equipment including (5) motors
  • No Hard wiring panels required HP
  • Single Timer system controls low speed of filter pump
  • Individual control of spa temperature, jets, spa light and pool light Additional Features
  • len Gordon has three auxiliary circuits to control any 120 or 240 volt, 2hp or less equipment
  • Built-in fireman heater protection will turn off and pump will continue to operate for 2 minutes
  • UL Listed
  • Len Gordon has a Patent Pending