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Aqua Pro Heat Pump


The Aqua Pro Heat Pump is one of INYO Pool Products most popular heat pumps because it combines all the features our customers have asked for, all at an unbelievable price! These features include Titanium Heat Exchanger, Scroll Compressor, Digital Controls and A warranty that will not be voided due to improper pool water chemistry.

The Scroll Compressor allows the Aqua Pro Heat Pump to operate very quietly even at lower temperatures and has a much higher COP rating than older piston style compressors, the higher COP rating means lower operational costs. We highly recommend using a solar blanket when using any Heat Pump to cut down your operational costs by up to 40% more. Click Here for a full line of Solar Blankets and Reels.

The Titanium Heat Exchanger with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • This warranty will not be voided due to pool water chemistry
  • 100% commercially pure titanium used in all heat exchangers, for superior resistance to erosion, cavitation and impingement attack
  • Titanium to copper connections that eliminate corrosion due to dissimilar metals
  • Titanium thermowell used to protect the temperature sensor

Aqua Pro Heat Pump Features:

  • Scroll compressor with a limited 5-year warranty
  • 7-year Parts and 2-year labor  warranty
  • Dual electronic temperature controller with LED readout and diagnostic codes for troubleshooting
  • UV protected enclosure that is non-corrosive and won't fade
  • The Aqua Pro Heat Pump has 2" PVC unions for easy installation and winterization
  • ETL certified for Safety
  • 3/8" tubing connection for draining away from installation site