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Pool Heat Pumps
Don't use Gas use Electric
Automobiles are slowly converting their cars from gas to electrics. Gas heaters are now being traded in for heat pumps. The basics behind heat pumps is they run off electricity to convert air into heat and heat your pool water. The main point you need to know is you can save up to 80% on your electric bill compared to gas heaters.

Choosing heat pump over gas heater.
Pool Heat Pumps are overall much more effcient then gas pool heaters. There is one factor that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a heat pump. Heat Pumps run properly when the outside temperature is above 45 degrees. So while most people aren't swimming when the temperature is below 45 degrees there are some situations that people swim when it is less then 45 degrees outside. If you are in one of these climates or situation you may want to consider using a gas pool heater.

Which heat pump should I purchase?
Here is a list of Inyo's recommended and best quality heat pumps. The BTU size of your heat pump will really will depend on a few variables, the climate you live, high wind areas, and the size of your pool. Please contact Inyo Pools to help.

Keep a lid on your pool

In-ground Solar Blankets
Reduce your energy consumption and bill by up to 80%. A solar blanket not only traps the suns rays to help warm your swimming pool, but it also acts as a lid for your swimming pool. If you have a lid on your pool your water will heat that much faster, keep heat in your pool, and keep water evaporating at a fast rate.

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