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Fiberstars Jazz Spa Lights


Fiberstars Jazz Light

Technology that will light up your backyard dreams

Fiberstars Jazz Light The only standard pool light to offer metal halide technology, illuminates any kind of pool with radiant, continuously changing color.

They will transform your backyard into a nighttime showplace. Featuring metal halide technology, the Jazz Light offers you the same lamp technology you find in many luxury cars today. This brighter, whiter light enhances colors, giving them a more brilliant glow throughout your entire pool. It also has a low power consumption, which makes them the most energy efficient pool lights available. With the Jazz Light, your backyard dream will come alive, extending your fun and enjoyment for hours after dark.

We offer synchronized Jazz Lights for multiple light installations. We also have the ability to combine Jazz Lights with 6600AS illuminators. Run the systems independently for a dramatic, multi-colored effect or synchronize them to enjoy the full ambiance of each color.

The best light to illuminate dark interior surfaces and give you four distinctive colors in your pool! Plus, it's the only light with a bulb warranty.


  • Metal Halide technology for a brighter, whiter light
  • 4-Color system
  • Brightness equal to a 400+ Watt standard pool light, yet only uses a 50 Watt metal halide lamp
  • Energy efficiency - Saves up to 90% on electrical use
  • 10,000 Hour lamp life eliminates frequent lamp changes
  • An array of continuously changing colors to bask your pool in beauty
  • Choose a single color to match your mood
  • AutoSync units also available
  • Color system uses a convenient two switch approach; 1 switch for Power and 1 switch to operate the colors
  • Ability to tie into any automatic control system or a Fiberstars wireless remote
  • Three-year warranty on the lamp

NEW! Jazz Sync Spa Light J200

  • SeriesFor use in pool/spa combinations
  • 4 color
  • Syncs with Jazz Light or 6600AS
  • Unique diffused light len

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