How do I build an inground pool?

Build Your Own Pool

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    1. For a project this size, it is good to have a few nerves. My thought process is that nerves make you more cautious and more likely to do the necessary research to make sure the job is done right. Overconfidence can lead to unpreparedness.

  1. I’m very impressed by your article. You did a deep dive (not to use a pun) by writing such a detailed and informed article. Until I read your article, I figured that in researching the specifics of having your own pool built I would come across a ‘veil of secrecy,’ because who wants to give away their secrets? I’m curious, Matthew, whether you are an employee of/freelancer for INYO Pools or do you own it? You’re a smarty-pants.

  2. How do I find subcontractors in my area? Google search for “pool plumbers” point me to pool builders? Is tehre a way to get the list of subcontrators for each step?

  3. I have built my own pool in California and the main thing is to get the subs to show up in a timely manner. Remember, you are at the bottom of their priority list. They will always get their GC work done first because this is repeat business for them and their bread and butter. They will try to fit you in when they can so the process will take longer than you anticipate. Be prepared with lots of patience! Otherwise, this is a pretty accurate article. However, there is no mention of city/county inspections between each step. For instance, you have to have plumbing and electrical inspected BEFORE you have gunite for obvious reasons. Everything has to be approved and signed off, to code, prior to next step. So don’t schedule subs too close together because you need to leave time for the county inspector to get there and do his thing. I could go on and on but this is very important.

  4. Also, each sub will look at your building permit sign-off/inspection card and won’t start their job until the previous step has been completed and signed off. But you have to babysit this step and make sure that this is happening.

    1. Hi John P. I’m in California also. Where abouts are you? What was your costs all together when completed?

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