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Pool Heater Answer Guide

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  1. Matthew, while my heater is from Hayward, I realize many of the fault codes will assist in determining problems. It seems many of the problems I see can be traced back to electrical connections to the various sensors or circuit boards. Is there a method to protect these connections so they maintain proper operation?

  2. I have a Hayward H-150 pool heater. I am having problems with it coming back on after getting to the desired water temperature. If I jiggle the wires it will come back on – but not by itself. What do I look for? I had a guy look at it – but he didn’t know anymore about it than I do.

    1. I am a little confused. If the heater is at the desired water temp, it should shut off automatically. Also, if the problem is fixed by jiggling wires, I would try tightening the wires as they may be loose. If that doesn’t fix the issue, replace the temperature module/sensor.

      Try giving Hayward a call; maybe they can send a certified tech to take a look. 908-355-7995

  3. I have a question. Has anyone come up with a way to harness the heat given off by a home’s heat pump during the cooling season to heat pool water? Surely there’s some efficiency to be gained here? But maybe it’s just easier to have a separate heat pump for the pool…I’m thinking shoulder seasons where the home might not be needing to cool as much but the pool would need extra heating. Thoughts? I also have Emerson solar panels on my garage roof which help during the summer but aren’t adequate for the shoulder seasons.

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