Raypak: 2017 International Pool Spa Show

2 thoughts on “Raypak: 2017 International Pool Spa Show

  1. You didn’t mention solar heating. We had our system installed right after our salt pool in 2004. At the time I thought it was very expensive, but now looking back, it seems much more economical than a heat pump. We live in central Florida and our pool is only 11,000 gallons, but we usually swim from April through October.

    1. Hello Terry, we did not cover solar because Raypak does not make solar pool heaters.

      As technology improves solar should become less expensive. But living in Central Florida is going to be a big difference than pools in Ohio, Colorado, and Washington. And if you want instant heat for a hot tub, or a constant rate of rise then a solar heater is not ideal.

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