Too Much Shock In The Pool

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  1. Thank you so much for this article! We’ve been struggling with our cloudy pool and I’ve definitely over shocked it. Now I know why we’re not getting the desired results 😬. I’ll be patient and wait a few days to test it again.

    1. Thank you so much for the info on too much shock. My mother-in-law is so impatient and of course added two treatments of shock in the same day in only a 8,000gallon pool and was ready to dump some liquid chlorine to help the cloudy go away! But I got to your site first and now we are waiting it out ! Thanx for the info about Too Much Shock in Your Pool!

  2. I live in Florida the rains every day and humidity is always making my pool cloudy how dark the cloudiness or haziness

    1. We are in Florida, so we know the conditions you would be dealing with, but this issue is simple. If heat and humidity are making your pool hazy then something is unbalanced in the water chemistry. Your chlorine is too low, or something is just off.

      What are the results of your water chemistry results?

  3. I added 5 bags of shock it to my pool because it was turning green now it is cloudy what do I need to do How can I get the ph right in it.not sure if it is too alkalinity or too please

    1. We have this guide is called “How to Clean a Green Pool” and it shows you how to clear up the murky mess you are dealing with. A chart for the proper ranges of your water chemistry is also listed. The cloudiness you see could be dead algae or a mix of chemicals. if you are looking the balance your water chemistry, I suggest going here, Pool Balancers. The names pretty much explain hat they do, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, and so on.

      Are you relatively new to pools? Is this your first season with a pool?

  4. New pool (small 1000 gallons)I added 5 times the amount I was suppose to .. water is green … this is the only thing I have added to pool .. is itfixable?

    1. If you have not balanced your water chemistry, that chlorine may not do very much. Have you had your water tested? That will be the first step in figuring out what needs to be leveled out. For a more thorough explanation on what chemistry, give this article a read How to Balance Your Pool Water.

      It is fixable but we have to start from square one to make sure everything is right.

  5. I’m a first time pool owner. I have a bestway 16x10x42 vinyl steel pool. It’s 2893 gallon pool. My water is cloudy and resulted today in too high of chlorine and ph level . I don’t understand why but I’m thinking I don’t know how much of the treatment to I need to put in. Can you give me the shock measurements and how much chlorine tablets I should put in the pool? I’m clueless but want to understand the chemicals ratio.

    1. Pool shock is usually 1 pound for every 10,000 gallons. how much regular chlorine and pH balancer is needed is dependent on what your levels are at that time.

      I suggest using this pool chemical calculator to determine how much of each chemical you need at any given time. You need to know the size of your pool in gallons, and to enter the most recent water chemistry results.

  6. Our pool was green and my daughter put in 2 shock treatments. We waited over 24 hours and pool was still green. We added another, waited and then added another so 4 treatments in 3 days. The pool is now cloudy. What do we need to do to fix this problem?

    1. If the pool is milky or cloudy, that is likely dead algae that need to be filtered and purged. your can either use a clarifier or a flocculant to clean up the dead algae. Or you can do the more labor-intensive method of filtering then backwashing/cleaning cartridges and repeat.

      We go into more depth on the process of clearing up your pool on this article and video: How to Clean a Green Pool?

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