Why You Can’t Find Hayward or Pentair Products Online

6 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Find Hayward or Pentair Products Online

  1. Thank you for this article. It explains a few things. In the past I’ve not had much difficulty finding Pentair parts on Amazon and for a better price in store. The problem being in that I could find very few Pentair parts in local stores. I noticed recently that the Pentair parts on Amazon and from local retailers had become much more expensive. Worse, both from Amazon and a local retailer, they were showing the part I needed, but I was shipped or ordered and sold the wrong part. INYO pools was able to agree on the part I needed and I obtained it fairly quickly. I’m somewhat of a DIY person simply because of the number of incompetents running around out there.

  2. Thanks. This was very informative. I guess I know what to do when I need to replacement my pool hardware. Thanks, again.

  3. Wow. Atrocious behavior on the part of Pentair. And ultimately counter-productive. Some Chinese outfits will swoop in to fill the need and at lower prices and ultimately drive Pentair out of business. Sure, it will just be knock-off filter cartridges at first, but soon they’ll sell everything.

  4. Finally,save me the embarrassing of telling the customer how much I pay for the part in my local distributor when they getting it for less in the internet

  5. I hate to say it but online guys you have had your day in the sun. You wrecked the possibility of us Feild business making any profit on mark up for the past 15 years. Buy you coming in a almost zero profit just to collect your percentage back at the end of the year from the manufactures it has killed all the Feild elope from marking anything up more than 10 percent.
    Times change. The manufacturers wouldn’t have gone through some much trouble if the online sales were not turkey the root of the problem

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