My Pool Pump is Running Too Hot

The major functioning part in your pool pump is the motor, so it isn’t surprising that a lot of the questions we hear are about motors. One of the leading complaints we hear is, “My pool pump is running too hot.” Well, what exactly is too hot? We first want to note that it is normal for a motor to run hot. However, if it becomes way too hot to touch, or the motor label is starting to fade as a result, then you may need to check some things to ensure your motor is not overheating.

Sometimes a motor will cycle on and off at regular intervals. This occurs when the motor is running just a bit too hot. When the motor gets hot enough, the thermal sensor will cut it off until it cools down. Once it cools down, the motor should automatically turn back on. Here are some possible reasons your motor may be overheating. (more…)

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Pool Shocks

What is the Difference Between Pool Shocks?

Well first, what is pool shock?  Shock is a concentrated chemical formula used to increase available or free chlorine when your standard sanitizer (regular chlorine tabs, a salt chlorinator, Nature2, etc) gets behind in its duties.  Sanitizers work to oxidize or break down organics and destroy bacteria.  But they can become overwhelmed by higher levels of these compounds which rise after an increased bather load (pool party!) or heavy debris from inclement weather.

Organics come from many sources – dead skin cells, sweat, sunscreen, dirt, and leaves, to name a few.  These not only muck up your pool but also provide a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet for bacteria and can set the stage for an algae bloom.  This is when pool shock comes in to save the day by giving a boost to your sanitizer.  Here are the three main types of pool shock, which vary by their chemical composition. (more…)

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Dirty Spa?

Why Is My Spa Dirty?

I am a pool man that neglects his very own spa at home.  Yes, cast your eyes upon my shame for I deserve your scorn. I could give the normal list of excuses: I was working too much, I forgot, I thought the wife was doing it or, the new take on a classic “The dog ate my spa chemicals.” By the way, I should not have to tell you this but just in case, do not let them do that.

Well it is that time of year when everyone is firing up their hot tubs in preparation for the cool, crisp air. That also means I have been repeatedly asked the same question over the dinner table, “So is the spa ready yet?” I greet that question with the same demeanor a teen treats inquiries of the cleanliness of his room; I offer a vague answer and change the subject. But I refuse to hide anymore. I got my gumption up and I am ready to get my spa affairs in order. No more will I hide the green bubbling beast under my spa cover and you, the reader, will be the beneficiary of my spa’s repair. (more…)

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