Top Pool Blogs

Best Blogs To Follow If You Are a Pool Owner

Inyo Pool’s company vision is to provide the best user experience to every customer through informational resources and products. One thing we take pride in is the amount of information we provide to our customers. And although we have taken great leaps in getting this information to you, we’re still just touching the surface. As a pool owner, we recommend using as many resources as you can when doing research before your purchase.

One of the best resources we have today is the Internet. The World Wide Web is the easiest resource you have right at your fingertips. Still, you don’t want to use just any site for information because, let’s face it, anyone can design a site and present themselves as a “pool expert”. Trust me, we hear about these “experts” all the time. One of the difficulties in using the Web is finding information that is accurate, relevant, and not outdated.

To help ease your search, we compiled a list of useful websites that have very user-friendly controls and can come in handy for any pool owner.  Please feel free to email us any sites you currently use as well. We like to update our information whenever possible. (more…)

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Your Spa Pump HP is a Lie

Why Your Spa Pump’s HP Is a Lie

A lie, I say!  Pump manufacturers may categorize it as a “fudging of the numbers” but let’s call a spade a spade. They are at best trying to mislead the homeowner. We take phone calls from customers every day attempting to match their current motor label information to a new replacement motor and a confused groan usually follows our explanation of the result.  Well, we finally had enough of the manufacturers’ trickery and we want to put you in the know. Time to break it down like a fraction. (more…)

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Worst pool advice ever

The 5 Worst Pool Advice We Have Ever Heard

Let’s face it, with access to the internet, a lot of jobs and skills that were once sought out and paid for have become jobs you can do yourself. With a little advice and a Youtube video, you can almost build anything on your own. Still, not all advice given is created equal nor should be treated equally. Unfortunately, in the pool industry, bad advice can sometimes mean hundreds of dollars out of your pocket and a lot of missed time out of your pool. Throughout the years we have encountered a lot of customers who have taken their share of bad advice. We wanted to share the top 5 with you in hopes you won’t make those same mistakes. Caveat Emptor! (more…)

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