Why Pool Ozonators are that great

Why Ozonators Aren’t That Great

Over the last few years, you may have heard all about the greatness that are ozonators. Ozone, in fact, is a great swimming pool oxidizer, sanitizer, and is a safe alternative to chlorine. It destroys trash and kills bacteria simultaneously. Ozone does almost everything chlorine does and can perform at a higher efficiency. With that being said, do we recommend you to run out and purchase an ozonator immediately?

Not necessarily. And here’s why.


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Which Type of Automatic Pool Cleaner Should I Use?

Which Type of Automatic Cleaner Should I Use?

Ever wanted to buy an automatic pool cleaner but didn’t know which one was most suitable for your pool? If so, jump in line with hundreds of other pool owners across the country. Everyone likes having choices to choose from, but sometimes too many choices can create more chaos and confusion than variety. There are three different types of automatic cleaners: Pressure Side, Suction, and Robotic. With our help, you should be able to narrow down which type of automatic cleaner fits your pool’s needs


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How to find a great pool guy

How to Find a Great Pool Guy

When you hear the question, “do you know a good pool guy(or gal)?”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You may imagine some gruff but chipper guy named Stan with sun beaten skin and chlorine stained jeans trying to make some cash for the evening festivities. He may not be too careful but he does a good enough job for a low price that you don’t want to make waves. Pun intended. The reason you use that guy is because you trust him; he seems simple and trustworthy.

And that is all we want from any technician or service rep that comes to our house, an honest, hard working person that will give us the straight scoop on what’s wrong with our pool.  Sadly, finding a good pool tech is just as difficult as finding a trustworthy mechanic.  We know how hard it can be so here are a couple of tips to use while doing research to find a good pool man. (more…)

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Do I have a pressure side pool cleaner or suction pool cleaner

Do I Have a Suction or a Pressure Side Cleaner?

They both have hoses, wheels or floppy discs that help them get around and they both magically clean your pool (hopefully) without much intervention from you. Ok we have the similarities down pat, but what is the difference between the two? Stumped?

Every so often we have homeowners who get stymied at the cleaner page picking out their new cleaner.  Sometimes they may even rush through the page, see one they like and pull the trigger on the purchase – only later to realize they ordered a pressure side cleaner when their system is only set up for a suction. Well let us tear asunder the restraints of ignorance and educate ourselves on the topic of pool cleaners. Let’s get started! (more…)

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