Product Battle Series: Pentair WhisperFlo Vs. Hayward Super II Vs. PureLine Prime

Out of the Hayward Super II, the Pentair WhisperFlo, and the PureLine Prime, which pump is better? If these pumps were in a battle, which one do you think would reign supreme? There are many variables you have to consider before attempting to answer that question. Comparing the pump’s specs and the performance curves against one another is one thing, but getting an inside perspective and comments from people who have either serviced or owned the pump is another. In my opinion, both should be considered before making a purchase.

One of the most beneficial tools we have at INYO Pools is our customer service team. They all come from different backgrounds within the pool industry and their experience provides unique points of view to any pool situation. They each have agreed to provide an unfiltered opinion on each pump and hopefully  shed light on things customers might not be aware of.

To help customers determine which pump is best for their pool, we’re putting the Hayward Super II, the PureLine Prime, and the Pentair WhisperFlo pumps in a head- to- head battle against one another. Not only have we compiled all the information you can find online about these pumps,but we also have inside reviews from customers and our staff as well.

To help gather information, we emailed hundreds of customers requesting their help. We received hundreds back from customers all over the United States. Overall, I think you will be surprised by the comments we received.


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replacing an above ground pool

Top Reasons an Above Ground Pool Needs Replacing

Above ground swimming pools don’t last forever. A good-quality above ground made in North America should last between 10 and 20 years. Though, don’t think that if your pool is newer than that, it should still be OK. It may not be. Conversely, if your pool is more than 10 years old, it may not yet need replacing. I have often taken down and replaced pools that didn’t have to be and also just installed new liners in pools that were quite done. (more…)

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The Relationship Between Chlorine and Cyanuric Acid

We all know that chlorine is necessary to keep our pool sanitized, but do you know the relationship it has with cyanuric acid? Chlorine and cyanuric acid help fight germs, bacteria, and other viruses  that may enter our pool at any given time. In fact, chlorine kills bacteria with a 99.9% reduction in less than a minute. Still, there are a ton of questions about chlorine that pool owners still grapple with.  Is there such a thing as having too much chlorine? At what point does your pool water become unsafe to swim in due to over-chlorination? How much chlorine do I add to my pool? Is it also true that chlorine is a carcinogen? These questions have multi-faceted answers, so let’s dive right in. (more…)

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